Monday, 11 February 2013

Room 21 is full of amazing artists!

 Starting our portraits
We are learning to draw our portraits. We looked at examples of portraits and talked about what you need to draw. Then we looked in a mirror and talked about the shape of our hard, neck and shoulders. Murtle the Turtle watched too!
After looking in the mirror we drew the outline of our head, neck and shoulders. 

Background of our portraits

We talked about different patterns and Miss Lunjevich drew examples.  Because this is OUR art, we drew patterns and pictures that represent us or things that we like. First we did it in pencil, then we went over the top with vivid. Have a look at some of our designs!

Room 21 are amazing artists! We are now working on drawing our features of our face with pastel. We can't wait to put our art up on the wall for everyone to see.