Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Inquiry Questions

Each student in Room Twenty One has created a question about insects that they would like to find out. On Friday we are making a presentation to put onto our blog about our inquiry process.
Each students question is on this post. If you have the answer to the question, please answer it in the comments section but note the name of the child who's question you are answering.
Thanks for your help! We hope to find out lots!

Winnie - Why do Ants have hair on them?

Emma - How do Honey Bees get pollen?

Neil - What do Cockroaches eat?

Noah - What do Stick Insects eat and where do they live?

BaiLin - How does a Stick Insect grow?

Isala - Why do Ladybirds have bright colours?

Lucy - Why do Praying Mantis have spikes on their legs?

Ruby - Why do Butterflies have patterns?

James - How do insects change colour to blend into trees?

Amelie - How do Stick Insects Camouflage?

Sunny - Why do bees sting?

Andrew - Why are Stick Insects camouflage?

Charlotte - Why do Ladybirds have spots?

Yutha - What do Dragon Flies eat?

Thomas - Why do Honey Bees collect pollen?

Ashton - Why are insects called insects?

Karthiga - What do Dragon Flies eat?

Emma - How do Bumble Bees get pollen?