Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Answers to 2E's questions

Hi Jaden and Kyle B, the answer to your question is, it is Spring in New Zealand. We have had lots of rainy days but it is getting warmer and we start daylight savings soon.
 Hi Caitlin, Sofia, Aaliyah and Jasmine our school is quite big, we have around 500 students and 24 classrooms, a library, hall, music room, field, 3 playgrounds, a swimming pool, a nature walk, koru garden, a senior courtyard and a junior courtyard. We have one big playground which is our Junior playground and a small playground which is our boat playground. (The seniors have one big playground)

Hi Destiny, if you watch our video we introduce ourselves and we tell you our names. :)
Hi Lydia, we are 5 and 6 years old.
Hi Toby & Johanan, we like to eat all sorts of food! We like apples, chips, cookies, fish and chips, ice cream. The list goes on! 
Hi Riley, our learning assistant said it would take 24 hours on a plane without stopping to get to England!

 Hi Maya, we bring our own morning tea and lunch to school. On Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays we can order our lunch from the canteen. Most of us bring sandwiches.

Hi Tarrin and Greg, we really like playing with barbies, ninjago lego, soft toys and mobilo. These are our favourtie toys.

Hi Jessica, our favourite thing to do in school is play at morning tea and lunch, use the iPads, art and P.E.

Hi Bethany, yes we do have heaps of fun in New Zealand. We all live about 5-10 minutes away from the beach so we get to go all the time. We also have some small theme parks in Auckland like Rainbows End, Butterfly Creek and Crystal Moutain.

Hi Alexander B & Leona  our learning assistant Mrs Clyde said New Zealand is about the size of the U.K. We have the North Isaland and the South Island. We live in the North Island.

Hi Helen & Kyle R, we need to measure ourselves! We will
get back to you.

Hi Alexander R, Tom and Luca, we have news, writing, ICT, reading, math, art, music, inquiry, fitness, dance, handwriitng, te reo Maori (Which is another language in New Zealand). We don't do it all on one day, we do different things on different days.
Hi Tyler, if you have a look at our video you will see us in our uniform.

Hi Rebecca, we all speak English, we are learning te reo Maori, some of us speak Mandarin, Sinhala, Hindi, Russian and Tamil.
Hi Jemima, yes some of us do.

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